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Great Progress at Community Micro-Irrigation Project

A small group of Tuesday Trust volunteers visited Malawi recently to assess progress at the various food sustenance project sites and ended up getting stuck into some hard digging. They were lending a hand to a community organisation, The Women's Voice (Tiyendi Pamodzi) which is being supported by Tuesday. Land was being prepared for a Micro-Irrigation Project at Mchoka Resource Centre which it's hoped will become a showcase for the benefits of targeted, low-wastage irrigation.

All the work is done manually by the women using hoes to slash, dig, turn and level the hard, dry soil. The total site of some 1.5h has been kindly donated by the local chiefs. A 40m x 15m plot is set aside for the micro-irrigation system which is generously being installed by a Malawian NGO, Total LandCare ( Two boreholes have been sunk at the Resource Centre to supply a tank which trickle feeds the plants right at their roots. The fencing is to keep goats out. The project is being supervised by Tony Finch and managed on the ground by horticulturalist, Kennie Mboma, our Field Manager.

The remainder of the site will be used for other community-based food growing including fruit trees and even bee-keeping. Meanwhile the Tuesday Trust is also supporting the provision of teachers at the Resource Centre in partnership with Tiyendi Pamodzi to provide adult education for the local women.

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