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Mr. Azini's Amazing Garden

Sometimes there's a story that reminds us that positive change can happen, that a little help can make a difference. One of our projects in Malawi is a Patient Support Group Garden at Ndi Moyo Palliative Care Clinic. We teach patients about growing and horticulture, and help them grow vegetables at the clinic. The idea being that as well as offering therapeutic value to these very sick day patients, they can bring the skills home and start growing with their families.  

This is the wonderful home garden of Yasini Azini, who joined our PS Group last Sept. He does have an advantage in that he is beside a river, but even so - his vegetable plot is inspiring. He is growing enough food to support his entire family of 5 with a surplus he sells to earn school fees for his children. Among Yasini's crops here are Mustard Leaves and Chinese Leaves. And Lucy Finch came along to cast her expert eye over his amazing work.

Ours is a tricky program to monitor as the patients are very ill, suffering from different diseases. However, it's so encouraging that in his garden - the training and support he is getting is hitting the right targets. 


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