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First Student to College

Despite the hunger and poverty, our schools programme with our friends and colleagues in WAG is starting to stick. Education is improving and with this we are having a positive impact on the future of these young children's lives. The schools receive books, pens, foot balls. WAG and TT have just helped to build the only health centre in this district and two new class rooms in two different schools. We have painting classes, they grow veg and sell it. The kids plant trees, they know all the wildlife that live here and know the names of the animals. This a huge change.

No other NGO nor the government are working in these areas. These villages and schools are far from town, 35 kms to the nearest hospital and the only form of transport is bikes. These people and their children are some of the poorest in Malawi. 

And yet: hope can shine through. The first pupil from one of the schools we support has just finished his 1st year in college, studying Conservation Science. Every journey starts with a single step. Thanks for your support.