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Positive News from Salima

TT dynamo and board director, Anne-Louise Kelly landed in Malawi last week to catch up on our projects there. First port of call was Ndi Moyo Palliative Care Clinic in Salima to meet our great friends, Lucy & Tony Finch and see how the Patient Support Group garden is going. We set up and support this growing project to help the clinic's patients feed themselves, as well as learning growing skills to share in their villages. Of course there's a mindful therapeutic value to the actual activity too. 
Great news is the Group has done a wonderful job with Peter, its chairman. All green in this image is edible. Soya in the foreground, as well as ground nuts, soya and OFSP. A lovely welcome back… and a positive story in a land where they're all too few. Thanks to everyone who has helped us support them.