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Lucy's Healing Garden, Ndi Moyo Palliative Care, Malawi

The Tuesday Trust supports the work of Ndi Moyo Palliative Care Centre in Malawi. HIV/AIDs is devastating vulnerable communities at an alarming rate in Malawi, with entire swathes of communities being wiped out. Despite its preponderance, levels of stigmatization are high and there are inadequate care and social support services for people living with the virus.

Lucy Finch’s Ndi Moyo Centre provides palliative care for some of these people. It works to alleviate the suffering of those who are terminally ill, bringing care and dignity to those who need it most. Ndi Moyo is a day care centre that is holistic and meets the needs of individual patients and families.

As well as the clinic itself, she has established a wonderful garden full of healing plants. Some help with the symptoms of the virus, others with side effects of the viral treatments.

Lucy Finch, who set up Ndi Moyo (which means The Place Giving Life), is an exceptional person. Malawian by birth and a nurse by profession, after living outside the country for 38 years she returned in 2002 to offer the skills she had gained with Hospice Uganda to her home country.

She herself had had close relatives who had died of AIDS and knew at first hand, the pain and lack of dignity they had gone through. And so she decided to establish Ndi Moyo and its amazing garden.

Here are just some of the plants she nurtures and uses:

  • Frangipani: they use the milk from this plant for Herpes Zoster (shingles) which is very common in HIV/ AIDS.
  • Aloe Vera (Aloe Aborecenia) used for Haemorrhoids, burns, constipation, conjunctivitis, Gingivitis and cancers
  • Passiflora Incarnata (Passion Flower) used for Insomnia, spasms, vitamin deficiency
  • Capsicum frutescens (Chilli) said to help with Herpes, haemorrhoids, diabetes, rheumatism
  • Vinca Rosea: said to improve the blood supply to the brain, increases oxygen and glucose for the brain
  • Persea Americana (Avocado): good for diarrhoea, vitamin deficiency and anaemia

Some Facts:

€5 - Buys 1000 tablets for the treatment of diarrhoea
€2 - Buys 1000 aspirin
10 cent - Buys 10 bread rolls for Lucy’s patients
0 - Doctors in Salima
10 cent - Buys dehydration salts for 1 litre
€10 - Buys 50kgs of maize for the patients
€1 - takes a patient up to 30klms on a bicycle taxi
70 cent - Buys a mat for the patient to sleep on
€4 - Buys 100 surgical gloves
€1.50 - Provides a patient with food and transport for a week

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