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Schools Food Growing Competition

One of the new projects we have developed is a Schools Food Growing Competition. This combines 2 of Tuesday Trust's focuses: food sustenance and education. This initiative introduces a new school feeding program set up between Tuesday Trust and WAG (Wildlife Action Group) and we have teamed up to support 5 school feeding programmes. The schools are in competition to grow the most vegetables/food crops whilst keeping accurate records of weights and sales.
It's turned out to be a great success so far.
Both programmes - delivered by Aubrey, an agricultural extension worker - are sponsored by WAG with inputs supplied by TT. All the schools, Namachete, Kavinguti, Msindikiza, Chagunda and Mkombe are all located on the border of Thuma Elephant Reserve, which is under the management of WAG, run by an amazing Irish woman, Lynn Clifford, who also is a manager for Tuesday Trust. 
School holidays come at the end of July until September, but the children will still  continue to tend the crops throughout the summer. We organised it as a competition to help make it fun. The prizes are simple: Footballs, netballs, sports kit and classroom resources like chalk, copy books, pens and tee shirts for the teachers.  
Vegetables being planted include: Rape, Chinese leaves, Cabbages, Onions, Mustard leaves, Cow peas and OFSP 
The kids are being taught vital skills in horticultural and self-sufficiency, as well as feeding themselves. You can't learn well on an empty stomach.

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