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2014 Spring Update

It has been really tough getting our new projects off the ground in
Salima. Just to refresh… last October we phased out our 5 original gardens
and took on 2 new projects. One – a patient support garden in the new
garden attached to Ndi Moyo
and the other a massive community garden in
a remote mountain village called Mphinzi.

And it all went horribly wrong. The gardens were waterlogged, attacked by
pests & disease and going nowhere. Despite having our man on the ground,
Pindani Mfiti, the village was overwhelmed. They have no experience of
community work and together with the elements conspiring against them
by the beginning of January, it looked like this project was not
going to take off.

Until Brendan Cairney and Lynn Clifford took over.  Lynn’s day job is taking
care of elephants on a huge nature reserve called Thuma just on the edge of the
village we are working in. In her “spare” time – she takes care of business for the TT.

Brendan is a professional landscaper based in Dublin. Last year and this
year he upped and volunteered in Ndi Moyo for 3 months. He is coming to
the end of his time in Malawi but he has performed a couple of miracle
along the way.

From a lost project in January these Irish rangers have put the project on
a safe course. Not easy.  It’s fair to say Brendan was shocked at the
conditions of dire poverty these women lived in. And this takes some doing
considering he is living at a palliative care clinic in a dusty town in Malawi.

They are all poor and hungry.

So Brendan and Lynn put all they had into putting this right.

As of last Saturday – we have replaced the waterlogged garden with a new
site in a better location. The site can grow with the project. Right now – we
are looking at feeding 36 families from this years crops.
The gardens at Ndi Moyo (under the beady eye of Brendan) are doing well.
Heading down to Malawi end of March to do so more work. Have a look at
these photos that best illustrate the last few months.

And thank you again for all of your support. It really does make the world
of a difference.