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A Big Thank You to Everyone

A big thank you to everyone who supported us recently at Salt on Nov 27th.
To all our family and friends and hangers-on and colleagues and sponsors and chancers, well, you all know who you are: thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.

To Simon, Liam and the team from Avoca, Clodagh, Sam O'Sullivan for the sounds, Eimear, Emily and Anna – a sincere thank you for helping to pull it off.

To Kieran Fitzgerald – for being your usual loquacious, funny, wonderful self. Thank you.

This was our first event like this, so big thanks also to all the people who have supported us till now:

To the Kili walkers who kickstarted the project in 2008 with their donation making an incredible difference to many lives.

To the many anonymous donors who supported TT along the way, ducking any praise.

To all those who contributed themselves, who came to Malawi and shared their time and expertise, who listened, reached out and gave hope.

To our community of accountants, auditors and very useful, naggy friends – who keep us accountable.

Thank you all on behalf of the women we work with in Malawi from Anne-Louise, Ann, Orlaith Andrina and Tom.

Click here for Anne-Louise's Thank You speech from the night.


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