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2013: Fantastic Harvest and Time for Some New Crops

2013 Saw a fantastic harvest, now's the time for some new crops

Despite ferocious weather patterns several of our gardens experienced a particularly good harvest in 2013.

  • A family of 5 consumes approximately 370kg of maize per year.
  • A one hectare field of maize with good yield should gives approximately 12500kg of maize.
  • In our best performing gardens each member gained 1250kgs of maize
  • If each person in a family eats approximately 1kg of maize per day this means many of our members grew 10 months of maize.
  • This is excellent and has provided food security for 10 months to each family (on average, a member of one of our food groups supports 10 others).

Seeing how climate change had such a big impact on our members last year we looked into newer more drought resistant nutritious crops. After careful research we decided that we would work with our groups to grow some sweet potatoes. We are also supporting some rice growing in the wetlands and some cassava.

Your support can help us build on 2013 and encourage self-sustenance. We need to get these families to a tipping point where they can seed next season themselves. Thanks.


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