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Tuesday Trust 2012 Progress Summary

2012 Progress Update:

Climate change affected our village groups badly during 2012 and the rains were very late affecting the whole year's output. 12.5 hectares were planted with maize, soya, groundnuts and cotton. Drought mitigation training was delivered to 4 gardens.

In 2012 we supported 5 gardens:

  • Chimoga – 10 members
  • Mtika – 11 members
  • Bulamo – 20 members
  • Magumba – 13 members
  • Phaka – 20 members
  • Each member supports an average family of 10 - so this is positive pyramid of hope

In November 2012, we took on a new part time employee, Mr Pindani as our Field Manager. He is an experienced agricultural extension worker and we are very optimistic about the contribution he is making already, and not just in horticulture and growing, but areas like conflict resolution.

Many thanks for everyone's support in 2012: your help makes a huge contribution to our small efforts.


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