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The new Ndi Moyo Demonstration Garden

The Garden at Ndi Moyo: place giving hope

We have been lucky enough to work with Ndi Moyo Palliative Care Centre in Salima since we started the Tuesday Trust. Lucy & Tony Finch who set it up and run it have been an enormous support to us, helping us to monitor our projects and to administer funding. They also allow us office space within their busy clinic - which really is a haven of comfort and hope.

In January the Tuesday Trust provided support in the form of a volunteer gardener to Ndi Moyo. Now we hope to join forces with Ndi Moyo to develop a demonstration garden intercropping OFSP with medicinal plants, a couple of mango trees and chillies.

Lucy already has a fabulous medicinal garden which she runs as part of their incredible palliative care programme. So this fresh initiative will be a perfect fit.

Ndi Moyo Salima Malawi- Registered Charity no. 1111045


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