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A fresh start at Mphizi

Our new food project with the families at Mphizi Village

We work with our women’s groups for a limited period of time so as to discourage dependency and to be sure that we reach as many families as we can. We have decided that we will work in Mphizi Village next. This village will replace our 5 current groups. The village headman has kindly donated 20 hectares to The Tuesday Trust on the edge of a river called The Linthipe River that feeds into Lake Malawi.

We want to start our work here as soon as possible. We plan to grow vegetables on ½ hectare to begin with and to provide sensitization training on new crops that are more drought resistant. We would like to install a treadle pump on site to ensure a good start. That will cost approximately €87. We also want to work with the local school here in the hopes that the school will have at least one meal from the produce everyday for the children.

Ideally we would like to start in November/December. We want to plant OFSP, cassava, chilies, lemon trees, mangos, guava and medicinal plants.

These are all strains of crops that are drought resistant.

There will be massive hunger this season everywhere. Hunger is evident in all of the villages we work in. The market stalls are empty. We want to do what we can to help.


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