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Thanks for Raffle Prizes

October 19th, 2018

We were so lucky to have been given a number of fab prizes for our School Dinner Raffle. We’d like to thank everyone who supported us so generously, including:

Kite Surfing - 3-hour kite surfing session/lesson
Thank you Francoise Colussi, PureMagic, Achill/Clontarf

One whole Achill Lamb - sourced from flocks grazing heather hills and seaweed shores
Thank you Grainne Calvey, Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb

Private Tour of Dublin Castle for up to 35 people
Thank you to Rosemary Collier and Fergal Martin at the OPW

Private tour of Farmleigh House and Estate (Ireland’s State Guest House) for up to 20 people
Thank you to Rosemary Collier and Fergal Martin at the OPW

Pilates Classes with Eva in her beautiful studio
Thank you to Eva Berg, The Secret Pilates Studio, Rathmichael

Vintage Tea Tour on board a Vintage Routemaster
Thank you to Karen Nixon

Free Range Organic Turkey
Thank you to Peter & David Caviston, Caviston’s Food Emporium, Glasthule

Luxury Shu Uemura hamper
Thank you to Georgina McEvoy

2 Fine Bottles of Wine
Thank you to Gerard Maguire, 64 Wine, Glasthule. 

Thanks also to a number of donors who strictly wished to stay anonymous.


October 18th, 2018

A long-time friend and supporter, Gary wrote this poem inspired by his visit to Uganda back in 2011. He kindly recited it at our recent fundraising School Dinner.


when I close my eyes I see the rusty red railway-crossing sign
a red X with “RAILWAY CROSSING” in white lettering
though no train runs here now
and the line is overgrown

beyond the sign a red dirt road climbs to a hill
and a young boy walks towards me
gracefully balancing a yellow plastic container
on his head -
something I could never do -
brown cow watches him from behind a bush
goats graze nearby

somewhere else in Africa
Moshe in Tanzania I think
there is another sign
on the edge of the town
at a busy roundabout

and in this moment
life for this boy is bringing the water
down the hill
to home

near to me now
a woman rises from the field of cotton
a baby half-hidden on her back
she calls to the boy with the water –
words I do not understand -
and they smile and wave to each other across the ditch

in the sky there are birds flying
and though they are not
I think of them as magpies
scattering black and white
against the blue

there are two of them
two magpies

(c) Gary Jermyn 4 April 2011

Download here: Reading the Signs

A little really does go a long way

June 1st, 2016

Something as simple as a watering can or a little extra know-how about preparing the soil can make a world of difference. A little goes a long way. So big thanks to all our sponsors and donors for kindly supporting this work.

Watering at Chimutu

Home: ALK’s Notes

December 5th, 2013


I landed home on November 23rd.

Home to help with the fundraising event in Salt, Dublin.
(Most of the work already done…)

That was last week. I am overwhelmed. Really. These are tough times and we know its not easy for people to come out and support projects that are so far away. Or close to home.

Coming home trying to hide my own tender feelings – a little raw – sitting face to face with women gently asking me … or maybe telling me – they were hungry. Not really knowing where to put this…

And then to Salt in Monkstown, Dublin last week. To raise the funds to actually buy the seeds and fertilisers

And over 100 people came out to support a 1000 vulnerable people in a tiny, hot town called Salima in Central Malawi. In they came.
Maybe I was tired - but I know I was moved. (I still am). The room was full of people I know. Some well – some not so well. Everybody came in from the cold from their own busy, crazy day and it wasn’t long before we were all in sync. Wine and good company will do that!

We raised almost €10,000. We are truly grateful. To you all who donated so generously. To the guys in the restaurant who pushed the boat out big time, to our helpers, ushers and sound-makers, husbands and candlestick makers…

This will keep both projects safe until Spring 2015.

I am glad I went to Malawi. I am so happy to be home. And I am so grateful for the support we have gotten. We will keep this support safe and bring it directly to our friends in Salima. Please believe me when I say – they are very grateful too.

Happy Christmas.


Salt Tuesday Trust Dinner