The Irish woman leading the fight against Elephant Poaching

February 7th, 2019

Lynn Clifford and WAG Scouts

Lynn Clifford from North Dublin is Field Manager with Wildlife Action Group Malawi, overseeing 2 two major projects to preserve wildlife and to prevent poaching of elephants. We partner WAG on a couple of projects, but this is Lynn’s incredibly challenging day to day to day job. WAG is a grassroots NGO co-managing governmental protected forest reserves in Central Malawi

Thuma and Dedza-Salima Forest Reserves contain significant numbers of the remaining large mammals of Malawi, including several key populations identified by the IUCN. These are among the few protected areas in Malawi which give still home to elephant and buffalo. Other (larger) game include greater kudu, bushbuck, baboon, vervet monkey, bush baby, leopard, cerval, spotted hyena, genets, African civet, warthog, bush pig, porcupine as well as a number of smaller antelopes like Sharpe’s grysbok, common duiker and klipspringer. But Thuma F.R. is not only of interest for these mammals. There is a variety of trees and plants, birds, insects, and other animals which make the two reserves an important biodiversity hotspot in Malawi.

Read all about the fantastic, life-changing work being led by this extraordinary Irish woman here.

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