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Food Security and Elephants at Mphizi

February 7th, 2018

Mphizi Tuesday Trust WAG

Wildlife Action Group (WAG) has partnered up with Tuesday Trust to assist communities living near Thuma Forest Reserve.

One of our major challenges in protecting the forest is that the local communities are extremely poor, have little or no chance of employment by which to earn an income. This means that they are completely reliant on the land. Food security is very important. Recent changes in climate have led to erratic rainfall, meaning rivers are drying up and crop harvests have been poor. One of the projects is at Mphizi Village. Tuesday Trust in partnership with WAG are working with vulnerable ladies in the village. The village itself is very close to the forest and has been affected by elephants destroying crops, but since WAG has installed the fence, they are safe.

Here, almost 50 ladies are benefiting from training, farm inputs and sustainable farming methods to increase their crop production which will deliver more nutritious food and cash for surplus crops. An irrigation garden has been established close to the Linthipe river. Crops such as cabbage, rape, spinach, tomatoes, onions and Chinese leaves have never been grown in this way before.

Read more about our partnership with WAG here.

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