Thuma Reserve volunteers help Mphizi women

February 24th, 2015

We’ve been so very, very lucky with some amazing support stories.

And we’re so appreciative of all the help we can get. Recently, the hard-working Scouts from Thuma Reserve generously donated a couple of hours and their expertise to help the women from Mphizi by putting up fencing and a sign. These guys are tough and quick, and in no time they’ve sectioned off 4 hectares with a four-tiered wire fence. Our mothers then start filling it in with thorns to keep goats out. The erection of the TT sign brings on spontaneous singing and clapping - it gives everyone a real sense of ownership of their project and makes us all feel proud.

So enormous thanks again to the team from the Reserve for being so generous, practical and helpful. Without this type of support - the crops would really have no chance. Goats are great, of course, but they can be real buggers.

Thumb Reserve Scouts
Volunteers put up fences
Tuesday Trust sign

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