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December 5th, 2013


I landed home on November 23rd.

Home to help with the fundraising event in Salt, Dublin.
(Most of the work already done…)

That was last week. I am overwhelmed. Really. These are tough times and we know its not easy for people to come out and support projects that are so far away. Or close to home.

Coming home trying to hide my own tender feelings – a little raw – sitting face to face with women gently asking me … or maybe telling me – they were hungry. Not really knowing where to put this…

And then to Salt in Monkstown, Dublin last week. To raise the funds to actually buy the seeds and fertilisers

And over 100 people came out to support a 1000 vulnerable people in a tiny, hot town called Salima in Central Malawi. In they came.
Maybe I was tired - but I know I was moved. (I still am). The room was full of people I know. Some well – some not so well. Everybody came in from the cold from their own busy, crazy day and it wasn’t long before we were all in sync. Wine and good company will do that!

We raised almost €10,000. We are truly grateful. To you all who donated so generously. To the guys in the restaurant who pushed the boat out big time, to our helpers, ushers and sound-makers, husbands and candlestick makers…

This will keep both projects safe until Spring 2015.

I am glad I went to Malawi. I am so happy to be home. And I am so grateful for the support we have gotten. We will keep this support safe and bring it directly to our friends in Salima. Please believe me when I say – they are very grateful too.

Happy Christmas.


Salt Tuesday Trust Dinner

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